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   Photo Album | Mount Bromo

Pictures taken by Peter when we went to see sunrise at Bromo mountain. It's actually active volcano :) Very beautiful scenery, and a little bit closer to Sweden because of the cold (But still nothing compares to Swedish winter.. brrrr!) ^_^

bromo01.jpg bromo02.jpg bromo03.jpg bromo04.jpg bromo05.jpg
bromo06.jpg bromo07.jpg bromo08.jpg bromo09.jpg bromo10.jpg
bromo11.jpg bromo12.jpg bromo13.jpg bromo14.jpg bromo15.jpg
bromo16.jpg bromo17.jpg bromo18.jpg bromo19.jpg bromo20.jpg
bromo21.jpg bromo22.jpg bromo23.jpg bromo24.jpg bromo25.jpg
bromo26.jpg bromo27.jpg bromo28.jpg bromo29.jpg bromo30.jpg

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