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   Photo Album | Indonesian Handicraft Exhibition

On these pictures were taken at a big Indonesian Handicraft Exhibition held at Surabaya World Trade Center. It was the first week when Peter was in Indonesia, as you can see he's sweating so much, beacuse he still has not yet adapted to Indonesian weather :P Photos were taken by Papi.

pameran01.jpg pameran02.jpg pameran03.jpg pameran04.jpg pameran05.jpg
peace! wow.. Indonesian handicrafts.. batik for Peter wayang golek (wooden puppets) beautiful wooden sculptures
pameran06.jpg pameran07.jpg pameran08.jpg pameran09.jpg pameran10.jpg
decorative wooden sculptures wood dolphines rattan furnitures look Peter, a ring! :P Mami shopping..
pameran11.jpg pameran12.jpg pameran13.jpg
yes Peter, this is Indonesia! :D capek... nope! you cannot have that! ^_^

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